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C3ustomer  T1estimonials

"Staci Cakes does a wonderful job bringing your vision to life! Her attention to detail is excellent. You can give her as much or as little detail as you want and she will make the perfect cake to complete your celebration. I couldn't be happier with the service I received from her. Not only do the cakes look fantastic, but they taste amazing as well!"


"I couldn't be happier with the service"

"Staci's cakes are beautiful on the outside with intricate detail. And the best part? They are delicious!"


"beautiful with intricate detail"

anniversary cake

"It was just so beautiful! AND so delicious. Thank you, Staci! It made the party so special."


"My love for your cakes run deep. I don't know how many people I've told that it's the best cake EVER. I'm a cake person, I've tried all the bakeries and the store bought cakes. I love cake, and your cakes are hands down the best I've ever had. I can't recommend them enough! And they are beautiful too!"


"the best cake ever"

"so delicious"

"Staci is our go-to for any and all cake/cupcake needs. She is so creative and delivers above and beyond my vision. We have used her for kid birthdays, friend birthdays, special occasion cupcakes, and it's always 10/10. And they don't just look pretty... they taste AMAZING. Staci Cakes are worth putting into the budget!!"


"worth putting in the budget"

"Staci Cakes has been part of our family’s special occasions and celebrations for the past few years, and we have never been anything less than totally thrilled with her delicious and beautiful creations! Staci’s creativity and talent is unmatched. Her gorgeous designs are completely unique and specifically customized with special touches for each occasion. Best of all, every cake tastes as good as it looks! Staci is fantastic to work with and has gone above and beyond to ensure that every order is perfect. We have personally recommended her to several friends and all have had the same experience. She is our first call when we have something to celebrate!"


"Staci's creativity + talent is unmatched"

"Working with Staci was so great! She was able to create unique cakes to match the theme of our event. The day of the event, we received the cakes on time as expected in perfect condition with instructions on how to best store them until our event took place. The cakes in person were SO incredible and you can tell she put great time and detail into creating them!! The best part was not only did the cakes look amazing but they tasted SO good!! I will forever be getting our cakes from Staci and recommending her to everyone!"


"I will forever be getting our cakes from Staci"

"Each cake fit the occasion perfectly. They almost looked too nice to eat! We all loved the cakes."


"We love Staci Cakes! She always brings our ideas to perfection in the most fun way! They are an extra special addition to a birthday party or family gathering. The buttercream is delicious and the cake is always moist."


"We love Staci Cakes"

"[My daughter] told me that her biggest birthday wish is to have a cake that she can eat, too. Thank you again for the vegan cake! It really does taste so good! She is sitting here talking non-stop about how good it is. She ate a slice for breakfast the next day! So did I. It really does taste so good! So fun to ALL be able to actually share the same cake."


baby shower cake

"Oh. My Gosh. I could cry I love it so much!!!!!!! Why are you not on a baking championship on Food Network, I mean WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"love it so much"

"I have had 2 cakes created by Staci and they were hands down the most amazing cakes I have ever purchased. Her creativity in incorporating the themes and personal notes I shared with her is amazing. And not only were the cakes breathtaking to look at, they were delicious as well!! The best cakes ever! Really!!"


"hands down the most amazing cakes I have ever purchased"

"Staci never fails to make unique, beautiful, tasty cakes! We have also gotten her cupcakes, and our family was concerned they weren't getting one of her delicious cakes.... but SURPRISE!!! She makes cupcakes too!!! Just as delicious as ever!! And so stinking cute!!"


birthday cake

"allergy friendly"

"The vegan cake was amazing. It was a hit with everyone! Which is pretty awesome since it was allergy friendly! Thanks again!"


"I love how you took a few suggestions and put your creativity to work. Definitely will be back for the next big occasion."


The cake was awesome. No one could believe it was gluten free, dairy free!"      -Maggie

"gluten free, dairy free!"

"You are so incredibly talented! Not only was it stunning to look at, it was incredible. The mom-to-be was thrilled to have a bit left to take home. We are a cake family and this was amazing! You have a baking talent. I had a grown man throw a fit when he learned the leftover cake was officially gone. Such a treat for my entire family, thanks for being a really neat part of a special moment for us."


"The cake was an absolute success. He loved it. One gal said that 'this might be the best cake I have ever eaten' and everyone was asking for your name. It was delicious. Thanks again, I can't wait for another birthday to roll around."


"an absolute success"

"The cakes are delicious. You are very creative, you can take any idea I have and turn it into a beautiful, delicious creation."


baby shower cake

"delicious creation"

man cake

"Staci, you are a wizard. How do you make a cake with no gluten and no dairy taste so dang good? My kids and their friends LOVED it! It was honestly the best cake I've ever eaten (and I've had some cake). It looked really cool, yes...but it tasted amazing. Staci, your skills are legit. Well done and thank you so much!"


"the best cake I've ever eaten"

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