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C3ake C3are


Please clear out space in your fridge for your cake. Most of my cakes have quite a bit of height to them with the decor on top, so you may have to remove a shelf. The cake should go immediately into your fridge after traveling so that it remains sturdy.

Please clear out a flat space in your car for your cake/cupcakes. The safest place to transport a cake or cupcakes is on the floor of the car, where it is stable and flat. If your trunk is flat, that is a great option as well. Please peek in your car BEFORE pick up and have a flat space cleared out.

Do I need to bring along somebody at pick up to hold the cake while I drive?  No. I do not recommend having anybody hold the cake in the car, as it is not as stable as setting it on the floor.


Where should I store the cake when I get home?  In the fridge. ALL cakes should be refrigerated to keep them nice and sturdy. I do recommend setting them out on your counter about 3 hours before eating so they come to room temperature. However, please be mindful of the temperature - if your party is outside, the cake will lose temperature and sturdiness much quicker. 

Where should I store my cupcakes or cake pops when I get home?
  On the counter, not in direct sunlight. The ONLY time I recommend storing cupcakes in the fridge (which actually dries out cupcakes since they aren't completely covered like a cake), is when they have a fruit filling or frosting. 


Staci Cakes
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