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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to place an order?  I typically book the current month and following 2 months at a time. The only exception to this is wedding cakes of which I will hold a date further than the timeframe listed above with a paid deposit. 

Do you offer tastings?  I do. You may purchase a box of 6 ($25) or 12 ($50) cupcakes with a mix of vanilla, chocolate, and any specialty flavors I have on hand.

Do you make vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free cakes?  I do. My allergy-friendly list is found here. However, please keep in mind that Staci Cakes is not an allergy-free kitchen.

Is there an order minimum we must meet?  No.

Do you make tiered cakes?

Do you cover your cakes in fondant?  I do not; I use an American buttercream frosting. I do use fondant at times to create decor.

Is everything on your cakes edible?  Not usually. I love adding fresh flowers, dried naturals, bubbles dipped in chocolate, and other non-edible decor to bring out my unique style. 

How involved in the design process can I be?  As much or little as you'd like, although I do ask for creative freedom. I am happy to run with a color palette of your choosing, or coordinate with an invitation or other party decor. 

Do you deliver?  Yes. Delivery fees are based on mileage to and from my home to your venue, so they will vary.

Do you ship?  I do not.

Can I pick up my cake and how should I transport it?  Absolutely! The safest place to transport a cake or cupcakes is on the floor of the car, where it is stable and flat. If your trunk is flat, that is a great option as well. Please peek in your car and have a flat space cleared out before pick up.

Do I need to bring along somebody at pick up to hold the cake while I drive?  No. I do not recommend having anybody hold the cake in the car, as it is not as stable as setting it on the floor.

Where should I store the cake when I get home?  In the fridge. ALL cakes should be refrigerated to keep them nice and sturdy. I do recommend setting them out on your counter about 3 hours before eating so they come to room temperature. However, please be mindful of the temperature - if your party is outside, the cake will lose temperature and sturdiness much quicker. 

Where should I store my cupcakes or cake pops when I get home?
  On the counter, not in direct sunlight. The ONLY time I recommend storing cupcakes in the fridge (which actually dries out cupcakes since they aren't completely covered like a cake), is when they have a fruit filling or frosting. 

When and how do I make a payment?
  I accept Venmo, cash or check. The final price will be given after completion of the cake, and payment may be made after that. The only exception to this is wedding cakes; I do ask for a deposit upon booking a wedding cake. Deposit amount will vary based on size, flavor, and design.

Staci Cakes
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